Puppies for Peace

Babysitting Zoey, February 15, 2003

My friend Kelly has helped take care of my bunnies occasionally when I am gone, so I ended up babysitting her 4 month-old Chihuhua "Zoey" this weekend.  Fortunately, Maria was willing and able to help, so the two of us teamed up for this day-care gig.  In fact, Maria was so taken with Zoey that it may take some doing to get her to give Zoey back to Kelly.

Maria wanted to go to the "World Says No to War Rally " at City Hall, so we packed up Zoey and drove downtown.  Maria needed to videotape the rally and interview people, so I ended up taking care of Zoey most of the time we were there.  It was bitterly cold, in the low 'teens on top of a ridiculous wind chill.  Zoey stayed in my jacked, sometimes hiding inside, sometimes sticking her head out.  I ended up holding a sign up for a while, making for quite a scene with Zoey in my jacket.  Everyone wanted to stop and say hi to Zoey!

Zoey seemed pretty happy inside my jacket, she was excited to see all the people and behaved quite well.  Our sign said 'War is Not the Answer.'  I think this was her first demonstration.

The best part of the demonstration was getting hot chocolate afterwards.  We took Zoey to a coffee shop, an army surplus store, and a restaurant, no one every batted an eye or told us to get that dog out.  Zoey sits pretty nicely in restaurants, especially when she was tired at the end of the day.  For shopping around, Zoey rides very nice in Maria's purse.

Maria and Zoey were both very tired afterwards and took a long nap.  Since meeting Maria last summer there are 2 cats living in my basement, 2 rabbits living in the backyard, and 2 rabbits living in my kitchen.  A small hairless dog curled up next to a marxist-feminist in my bed does not seem so strange, all of a sudden.

Here is Zoey, me, and friends. Maria spent the whole time running around with a video camerea interviewing people and filming the scene. She looked very experienced and professional, I saw her standing on a car at one point to get a better view, pointing her camera at the action.

This Maria and Zoey, pausing on our way to the peace demonstration.

Maria, with her video camera, was DESPERATE to film people ice fishing. So we went out to Little Muskego Lake later that day and found a very nice group of people ice fishing. We were invited into their shanty, and Maria got to ride on an snomobile! Here is a picture I took of a young ice-fisherman getting to know Zoey.  I would have taken more pictures but it was ridiculously cold. About 13 degrees, I think, with HOWLING wind. Maria loved every minute of it, go figure.


Maria actually spent most of the time with Zoey, she would not let me near the dog in general.  Wish I had taken a few more pictures of the two of them, they made a great team.  Thanks to Kelly for letting us borrow Zoey for the day, she is a great dog and a lot of fun!

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