Pouring the Floor


Although I was technically experienced with concrete by the time we were ready to pour the concrete floor, in fact this operation turned out to be even more of a nail-biter than pouring the foundation.  It was a very hot day with rain threathening constantly, but ultimately during the pour we experienced mostly bright hot sun, which made the concrete set up very quickly.  This is very bad, especially when you are short handed.  Concrete that is setting up is very difficult to work with and make flat.


 Here is Maria sloshing about in the concrete.  The screed board did not work very well, if there was more than an inch of concrete buildup in front it was almost impossible to move.  So we would screed about 6 inches, then Maria or someone would pull away the excess concrete.  We were screeding from shade into sun, so the concrete we were moving into was getting progressively harder before we could work it. 


Once again Tom was the calmest person during the pour, working methodically and keeping everything together.  Without him it would have been a disaster, I think. 

My friend Scott and his brother Carlos also helped out during this pour.  Many thanks for your help!



Here you can see me working one end of the screed board while the driver from Sonag Ready Mix lends a hand.  Both times I ordered concrete from Sonag (262-252-9911), which turned out really well.  Not only did they have the best price, but the drivers were extremely friendly and helpful, actually coming out the alley and keeping watch over the pour, giving advice and encouragement.  Thank you Sonag!  I highly recommend this company.

The calm before the pour.  Here is what it looked like before pouring.  We are pouring directly on to the old patio.  The red tubing is for radiant floor heating (hot water).

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