Pouring the Foundation


Pouring the foundation was a real adventure, a tricky two hours that went well despite skirting the edge of disaster.  The trick with concrete is that you need a lot of help for a very short period of time.  And if anything bad happens during that short period of time, you can be in trouble, because nothing will stop the concrete from curing.  We had to get 5.5 yards of concrete from the alley to the trench in about 45 minutes.  Any longer and we would have been pushing our luck with the hardening time.  A wheelbarrow can be loaded with about 1.5-2.0 cu ft of concrete, which is about 300 lbs.  At 27 cu ft per yard, you can see there is a lot of concrete to haul.  I was lucky to get some good help at the last minute.



Tom is a friend of Dad's who was an incredible asset to the day.  Tom is actually a veteran of many greenhouse construction projects and knew all about how to pour concrete properly. 


Steve is my next-door neighbor, he politely offered to loan his wheelbarrow to the project but got suckered into helping haul the concrete on pouring day. 





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