Digging Foundation


The first step in building the greenhouse was digging.  Lots of digging.  I designed the greenhouse to have an insulated trench foundation.  This means that the footings and the foundation wall would be integrated into a single concrete wall sunk 4 feet into the ground.  So I dug a trench 10" wide by 4 feet deep all around the perimeter of the greenhouse.





OK, so I guess there is not much too tell here.  You dig for a few minutes, then you drag the wheelbarrow up the ramps, out to the alley, and up into the pickup truck.  Repeat.  When the truck is full, you drive over to the city dump and shovel it all into a dumpster.  Repeat.  It took 7 loads to dig the trench completely, about 11,000 lbs of dirt.  My poor truck!.


After the digging was done, 2" thick 4x8 sheets of foam insulation was placed along the exterior, and forms were built on both sides.  The wall ended up as much as 2' above grade and tapered to about 6" above grade on the west end of the addition.

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